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Chernyshov Yuriy Olegovich doctor of technical sciences, professor, honoured science worker of RF, sub-department of manufacturing processes automation, Don state technical university
Sergeev Aleksandr Sergeevich candidate of technical sciences, associate professor, Don state technical university
Dubrov Evgeniy Olegovich postgraduate student, sub-department of manufacturing processes automation, Don state technical university

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The problem is considered of cryptanalysis based on new models of artificial intelligence – bioinspired methods. The review of the handiworks devoted to the solution of a problem of cryptanalysis of classical cryptographic methods, including methods of cryptanalysis of symmetric codes of shifts, classical and block codes of replacement is provided, the technique of representation of an individual, prevention of illegal decisions, and also the description of function of fitness (Jacobsen's function) are given. Also «the algorithm of an ant» and algorithm of «a colony of bees» for realization of cryptanalysis of permutable codes, and also for realization of cryptanalysis of asymmetric algorithms of enciphering on the basis of the solution of numbertheoretic problems of cryptography along with experimental results are investigated. The received experimental results testify to possibility of application of the bioinspired methods for cryptanalysis realization

Key words

the cryptanalysis, the bioinspired methods, genetic algorithm, ant algorithms, bee algorithms, codes of shifts, replacement codes

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